SC GLOB CONSULT INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. is headquartered in Brasov, has as main activity the geotechnical activity, ie the elaboration of geotechnical studies for civil, industrial, roads, bridges, etc.

We have also developed the engineering construction related field topography and secondary preparation of cadastral documentation (parts, identification and annexation of land).

The experience we have gained in the hundreds of projects we have been part of, the qualified staff at their disposal and the complete endowment, make our company able to meet any quality requirements in the field.

Geology - Geotechnics

  • Field investigation works:
    • continuous drilling with hole tests (SPT, vane shear test, swedish weight sounding);
    • dynamic penetration: DPSH and DPM;
  • Laboratory analyzes and “in-situ” tests are performed through the Transylvania Geotechnical Laboratory (1st degree laboratory);
  • Geotechnical and engineering geology studies;
  • Hydrogeological studies and documentation for water management permits.
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Surveying - Cadaster

  • Engineering topography: Topographic surveys, tracing, volume calculations, topographic monitoring of buildings;
  • Cadaster: detachments, union, tabulations, parcels.
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Glob Consult International

Address: Str. Iuliu Maniu nr. 43, room 714, Braşov, Romania

Mobile: +40-745082356

Phone/Fax: +40-268-417631